Route to IMWA 2011 – Run with Evo 10km

This year I would be using Terra Plana Evo for my Ironman Race in 4 Dec at WA.

Today I started my  first training session on a new Evo. Feeling is good, feet is light and I can feel the ground. I started slow, feet was feeling weird… like my right leg is feeling more comfortable than left… knee on the left was a bit strain … but I continue because I knew I have been training a bit too much on treadmill… so different environment need a bit more conditioning.

About 3km in the run, I was feeling good… speed starts to pick up and step starts to move as well. As compared to Newton, I was doing longer strike but with EVO I was doing shorted strike because I feel more comfortable with shorted strike in ECO and indeed the whole run was good and I manage to do a 10km 51mins. It is not fast but I feel good for the whole run which I think is the most important because form plays a big part in training as well as on the actual day of the race.

Thanks to my buddy yiyang too , he was doing a 10km on EVO as well. Very soon we may start on training blog on our route on IMWA🙂

New Year Resolutions 2011

Starting 2011, I am going to make a New Year Resolutions list every year and It would be reflected in the New Year Resolutions category. With this I am able to reflect what I wanted to achieved the particular year. Reflection would be done on 31 Dec 2011🙂 Those that I was not able to achieve I must be able to give an explanation to myself this way I am able to live my life to the fullest.

Why am I doing this, simply because time flies. Next year I will be 30. It seems like just months ago when I graduated from NUS and planning startup with yiyang. Year 2010 has past, so no point thinking about the past. Now is the time to look forward and Take Action.

Race I am taking part:

Tokyo Marathon 2011 (27 Feb 2011)- looking at a 4.30hrs run on Terra Plana Evo  did a 5hrs run. not really what I was expecting. Need to cater more training for Evo. Try again!

Ironman Western Australia (04 Dec 2011) – To complete under 14hours

Swim – 1.45hrs, Bike – 6.15hrs, Run – 5hrs

Investing and Wealth:

After enrolling into CFA, my interest in investing grows even stronger. So in this new year. I am going to use my knowledge to build my own portfolio to beat the Straits Times Index. & to pass CFA Level 1 in my first attempt. (of course that requires hardwork, so before the CFA exam in 05 June, I would spent an hour every morning and evening for CFA revision and Weekends mugging for CFA) … as for training it would be after CFA Exam!

Of course, during the investing journey I am going to build my wealth so that I can give my mom a good life. > How am I going to measure this? (by getting ready amount of cash for BTO?)


I like to sell things online, so this year I must to set up my own blog shop or ebay store or using Facebook marketplace as my selling platform The best would be have a small business I can test my entrepreneurship skills. > This is interesting. I started BLUSHwear with Sze Hwei and Tongye. Check out the site. it shares everything under the fashion umbrella especially for working adults like us. Men facing balding problem, women facing wardrobe issues. Most importantly, this is a platform for fellow enthusiast to share and exchange their priced fashion items.  And what does blushwear mean it means Bryan Lee & U & Sze Hwei. What are bout Tongye? Check out the site and you will understand.

Travel & widen social circle

I will be heading to japan and western Australia. In this 2 trips, I must at least make 2 friends in each trip.

Radical Action

I must do somethings radical this year. Currently I am taking a course on malay. Maybe I should learn cooking in the coming h2 of the year?

Thanking for God’s Grace

I must at least attend 1 church service with my mom in a month.

10km run at MacRitchie Reservoir with Vivo Barefoot Ultra


The weight of ultra on feet is extremely light, its feels like I am running without a shoe. And because of the thin layer of sole, it also makes my steps on rocky stones along the macritchie trail “sensational”. As compared to Vivobarefoot EVO, EVO provides a little bit of more comfort because of it cushion sole. On the other hand, this “sensational” feeling makes me pay more attention and adapt better  to the ground condition.

With functional plug-in tongue and laces, I decided to remove the plug in tongue for this run because I was afraid that the rough edges on the tongue would create friction with my feet. However, there were some abrasion still. The shoe laces is good, a light pull and you are tight and comfy to go > maybe I could try my next triathlon with the Ultra

Close up on my feet shows the "cut" skin on my last toe.

One of my running mate points out a concern, “if you wear this shoe without a socks,and this shoe is made of plastic like material, wouldn’t there be more heat generated while running making your feet to sweat more?

My answer to this is no. Surprisingly I do not feel much sweat on my feet and because of the holes that provide much airing, my shes do not smell as bad😛

Running with Ultra at MacRitchie trail, I do not feel so worry because of the puncture resistant sole, it makes me focus more on my running style and tempo.

I will be doing more runs with Ultra and will give more updates🙂

*Vivo Barefoot Ultra is not out yet in the market, thanks to Barefoot Store I have the opportunity to try. I would like to mention that there is a sock provided when you purchased the Ultra. It is mainly use for winter purposes. You can find more information from the video below

Here is video introduction on Ultra

The new improved Terra Plana EVO II (No Mistake)

I would like apologies to all Evo lovers. In an earlier post, I mention “I received a new minimalist footwear from barefoot. And because I was not sure of the name I called it the EVO2.

I made a mistake. Because there is a new EVO2.

The minimalist shoe I had received was a new model named “Ultra”. It is a new additional to the minimalist shoe family among Terra Plana.:)

Now for the “No mistake” True Blue EVO 2

The New EVO 2🙂 Hope I clear up the air here. I will post the updates on “Ultra” soon.

I did it 5km barefoot – Bare your sole 2010

Bare your sole finishing line and me at Bare your sole finishing line

On Saturday, YY and me joined the Bare your sole 2010. I was a fun walk/run event where all people gathered together to fight poverty and build homes.

Everyday, people in developing countries disaster-stricken places make their way through treacherous roads, uneven flooring, broken glass, scorching ground and discarded sharp objects… BAREFOOT

Thus this event gathers people to take off our shoes on this particular day in support of these children and adults who live in such dire conditions. It was also a good chance to train barefoot running too.🙂 It was a good experience, the run was good and I was able to embrace the road condition & environment during the run especially when I am barefoot.

But what I really want to highlight in this post is that donation for bare your sole is open… with every dollar you put in you help another person in the world🙂

Videos comparing a normal shoe vs Vibram Fivefingers vs Barefoot

I was surfing through the net about barefoot running, when I cam across this site.

It gives a comparison  of a normal shoe vs Vibram Fivefingers vs Barefoot in a slow motion video shot.

Here are the videos.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 8 from Runblogger on Vimeo.

Running in Vibram Fivefingers KSO from Runblogger on Vimeo.

Barefoot Running on Treadmill from Runblogger on Vimeo.

The 3 videos are Courtesy of

Personally I feel that when the runner transit to barefoot running, Heel Strike is gone. Also I notice that in the first Video, the reason for the heel strike may be cause by the heel cushion. This is because it seems that the thick cushion cause the “Heel” to reach the ground first. Maybe that is the reason why I am suffering from Heel Strike?….

There are more videos on > Check it out🙂